I started working in a factory manufacturing spearfishing wetsuits, diving wetsuits and surfing wetsuits.  At first this is just a job for me but later when I got to know more about diving.  I fell in love with this sports and since then I made a lot of friends who love diving as I do.

After working there for two years, I started to think why don't I just create my own brand?  That was in 2010 and diversuits.com was found by myself.  Since then, it has been 10 years now and we grow bigger and bigger and now we have a factory is over 3000 square meters and with about 100 employers from a small working studio.

Our products are selling to 85+ countries and most of our customers build a long-term relationship with us.

Now in 2020, we want more and more people get to know us.  So, we built our own brand website Diversuits for all of the spearfishing lovers, free diving lovers and surfing lovers.

Here in Diversuits, we hope you can find your new self and be a star in the under the water freely.

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Email: service@diversuits.com 


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